by Mint Green

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This album wouldn't have been possible without the immense support we've received from our family and friends. Thanks for letting us play in your basements, taking our photos, coming to our shows, and believing in us. This album is for you.


released November 19, 2016

Mint Green is Ronnica, Frank, Daniel, and Brandon
All songs written by Ronnica
Additional lyrics by Annie Cheng and Anna Xie
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jake Checkoway in Upton, MA
Artwork by Katy Stringer (



all rights reserved


Mint Green Boston, Massachusetts

Summery, angsty, alt-rock with punk influence and catchy choruses. Capturing the things that everyone thinks and feels but never says.


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Track Name: Pinky Swear
I've tried to run so many times now
Will I ever see where I came from?
I've tried to hide from this so-called paradise
Will I ever face my demons?

I guess we’ll find out

Life's about taking chances
Extending out our own roots and branches
Just promise me when I leave
That you wont move on too fast
I'm still catching up with the past

You've been alone for a while now
Is there a place for me to lie down?
Maybe things will be better even though we’re not together
I'm just hoping that I'm ready for the countdown

I guess we’ll find out

Two weeks away from the city is all I need
That's what they tell me
Track Name: Wildflower
Give up on me and make your life easier
From your friends, to your thoughts, to your career
I don't want to change you anymore

I know things have gotten better
You don't crack your knuckles and we can actually go out in this weather
But I still don't know

Come back to the wild side
See through my eyes
This is how you make me feel inside
Why am I not surprised
That you're coming back to me
Maybe you'll figure it out eventually

I remember when you said that things wouldn't be different
I didn't think that we would end up, end up like this
But I still don't know
Track Name: Timestamped
We live in a place that's haunted
By our past and everything in between
We breathe with uncertainty
And a strength that’s only in our dreams

Everything we know has timestamp
Everything we love isn't guaranteed
We have to make the most of our time here
Even though we’re mad at reality

Why do I put my energy into people who will never care for me?
And you say that it’s normal and I’ll be fine
But I still mind

We believe that we aren't temporary
And that you and I are everlasting
We neglect the basis of respect
We get pushed around and ignored and act like it never happened

All that time spent on useless compliments
We never began so how could we end
Track Name: Curtains
Hang the curtains up don't let the sun come in
That way I will be totally isolated
Surrounded by the walls and not much more
I'll come out when I'm ready, don't lock the door

Take me in
Say you're mine
I would climb these mountains with you and stay through rain or shine

Things are changing
Everyone we know is moving on
Are you staying with me?
Or do I have to keep stringing you along?

Put your fences up don't let them knock you down
That way they wont get you when I'm not around
Surrounded by their lies and not much more
Do you think you’re ready? I wont lock the door

Take me in
I know you're mine
I would climb these mountains with you and stay through rain or shine

The only hope we have is each other
The only faith we have is in one another
Track Name: Callie
Dancing in the backyard like we're children again
It doesn't feel the same, no
No matter how hard we try

We've taken the chances that we said we needed
And opened our hearts to more

This is not the home I left behind
You're complaining about your nervous insides
But you'll keep spinning like everything's alright
While the memories flash before my eyes

Summer has never felt so short
You were telling me about a boy who spoke flowers
And how you don't even care

We've taken the chances that you said we needed
And gave ourselves space to grow

Regret doesn't mean a thing to you
You were always ahead of me
It's your life and your own path to choose
I don't need your sympathy

This is not the home I left behind
(It's so far gone)
You're complaining about your nervous insides
(I'll hold my tongue)
But you'll keep spinning like everything's alright
While the memories flash before my eyes
Track Name: u
You are summer, you are pain
You're the smell after it rains
You're the one I come back to again and again

All I wanted was
Oh all I wanted was
A chance to be who we used to be instead of who we've become

Take me back to the days when things were easier
When love was simple and it was something that you deserved
But that was then and this is now
I made it out somehow
But please tell me

Why oh why
Did you go?
Left me here to wonder what if
Wishing I was more

Why oh why
Did you leave?
Was I not enough for you
Was it just a dream?

Are you willing? Do you dare?
Can you show me that you care?
When the light shines on will you still be there?